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Astral Must

turn on the light in the middle of the night
just step outside yourself you said

do it backwards and forwards
breath in the astral must

you can see what I donít
turning over and falling away
a lost child face to face with day after day

what you see is what youíll see
Bullwinkle and Houdini --- itís rocky at first to me

the soul fills the whole and not just the center
the outside body calling in

the rabbit in the hat was gone in a second
the light in the night was never a trick

it jumped from the center flew off at your knuckle
clawed into the ceiling curled onto the floor

Straw Goblin

you spin a wheel in a mystic key
that turns every word and sweeping curve
from straw into gold

it spins past what you are thinking
the light in your coat
rolling off the static
twisting around the poison
seeping through windows
losing count

I couldnít stop
if I tried and tried

straw goblin's dry
but it won't let go
it stays in dark beside you
you can hear the breathing

skeleton key and amnesia
maybe I just need her

The Oblong Song

in her cabinet she had often left
what she never could before

and she was very sure
in the afternoon she made other plans
for a moment there was nothing more

the look in her eyes was a fading reminder
the knock on the door was a total surprise

the crumbs in the kitchen
the map on the wall
for a moment that was all she saw

she sat at the table and folded her hands
she closed her eyes and remembered the song

a story from another land
nothing's left behind but what's gone is gone

a breath is a breath in the oblong song
breath in easy breath in long
before you sing the oblong song

Wall Paper

she sat by the window
the closer she looked at it
the farther she got from it

cause the thought that she brought to the window
got lost in itÖ

the stars are no closer
or bleeker or dimmer
each eye that is closing is an opening eye

the part thatís uncovered is the one that remains
dark doorways
unfixed and out in the hall

stirring back the feedback
one page at a time
scribbling orbits

planet gravity and low light
you are not who you are not
you are the star that does not remain in the windowpane
and the one that does remain

Witch Cake

it starts with water and a wooden bowl
shake up the spices outside the bowl

wrap up in paper
burn up the paper

mix in what you know and what youíre knowing
there's only breathing that remains
no way to tell what will remain

just mix the dry up with the wet
a hundred years is a long long time

so breath it in and what remains
is often not what you expect

a junkyard fire
or a sacrament

if it wears you out and
you donít know where
and you canít resume
cause you cannot hear

what is left unspoken
in a code of smoke
or sealed up in an envelope

you can see within
what is rawley baked
remove it soon or it will be too late

Ghost Hop

about a quarter to 11
we hit the floor again
it wasnít very long
we were long long gone

we were talking and rocking and creeping and seeping
we were messing and testing in the pale starlight

a blank old twilight
the sinking old sky
we felt under our feet now

cause the house was poppin
when the doors flew open
and the wind was howling
at the ghost hop hop

now at eleven eleven
when the clock was talking
and the cork was poppiní
with the ragtime juices

all the bottles were open
at the ghost hop rocking at eleven eleven

the curtains are flowing at eleven eleven
the clock stops ticking at eleven eleven
and the band stops counting at eleven eleven
yeah the ghost hop hoppin at eleven eleven


she was contrary
an elderberry well worn and wary

apart of everything she believed
in less than she could see and more than what she wore
in here for certain or else the bottom drawer

just pick up sticks from a nearby tree
now stack the dishes inside the sink
flow like the air and youíll be free

first put your hands on your hips and then put them in the air
now put your left-foot here
and keep your eyes on the berry

Paper Wall

there is a paper wall you were saving for later
on the other side of your coming and going
with a shelf full of letters and plants on the left side
a painted mirror on the right

moon whip ice bone
rose wing, skull tree and spindle


her arctic mind
ice cold attic window

her desert heart
a toy in the basement

holy sand the dreaming way
a record sleeve rung frozen played

ringing icy hill, snowy olive bell
donít hold your breath for a second or less
underwater is no place to breath

with a pile of dirt in the palm of your hand you can see in the dark
you can find yourself in the the wrong place

plug in the wires
a mechanical dream

moth webbed
morning hours

cold eyes
shine little bookworm


When I start to feel defeated
sad in the lab--fed up w/ microscpes and cell-fate

I take my bicycle right down the stairs
into the city streets

I'd open my eyes just to invent you
find a disguise I can see through

white mice and iodine...? maybe another time
ahh..., a sweet and sour molecule
moving like a galaxy
a book of recipes
a breath or two and she was just like smoke to me

I saw you turn a corner at union-square
i'm pretty sure you saw me standing there

I tried to follow you but lost you after several blocks
down a street that once was called the gorbyblock
we stopped and watched the block become the gorbyblock

it's so hard to find your body and soul
cause I lost you in the crosstown traffic

bring your body to my soul
deliver me from this spiritual insecurity

I saw you ridin' through the street like you're swimming in the ocean
your voice sailed over cars and cabs
it sounded like slow motion

I knew it was you ... you see me standing still and staring at a tree
looking at the way you made a picture out of me

i felt so drawn...
when i turned back from the tree to the city streets you were gone

take this message to my soul
deliver me from my cinematic, surrealistic,
magic carpet,
cell-fated ride...
yeah, my spiritual insecurity

Rubber Vendor

On roads from here to never there is a rubber vendor
a receiver and a sender

a map inside his shoe
a decal from a ball-gum dispenser

a service call from a ghost
a set of keys and a route

note cards from a deadmanís chest
a box for the boss in the trunk
a message for a not so great pretender

a code for the road
another county to cross
another location just canít be lost

balloon man donít fall
watch the sink donít come off the wall
when you stand on it
to nixpix the lock
to refill the slots
and sharpen the tooth

watch the keys in your pocket donít fall
and crack the pins till you canít back in

a slug in the slot
a bump on the head

down off the sink
outside the snow is falling

a jammed mechanism is no big deal
the machine is working and back on the wall
another service call and the cold november
rubber vendor

Mostly Movies

It could be real-life
but it doesn't sound like it

the cigarette lighter you saved to forget her
the 39 steps you took when you met her

the phone clicks like an old see-saw
a seed-pops in the popcorn bowl

there is a car-radio book behind your couch-- inside out
you talk to me
I ask you to read

9 number dial-tones and smoke
you offer me one then ask me to leave
to turn out the lights before I go
or else stay till the end of late-late show

seems more like make-believe
but there's nothing in the sleeve

if the programs don't change
we can sleep
while footsteps creep
and shadows get rolled up like sleeves
down a black and white hall

a match is struck
mostly movies

Forest Story

We took your old two door into the city
It was a chorus of foresty voices

city side-walks rose like a dark choir
the parks and the river rose higher and higher
out the rear window

radio wave on your forehead
a foresty dashboard
dark water and sleep on the floorboard

forest story wasn't always easy
we took it tree by tree
we took it steadily

accidental incidents in the middle of the city
were never really close at all

never late and never early
humming like a sanctuary

steaming like a winterberry branch
stretched out on a library floor

your little blue two-door took us there
for rest in the city... forest

Wire Doll

Wire doll called me in her way
on her ouija phone
even when I wasn't home
yeah, she made me feel that way
Wing-worm--took it slow
no point in rushin' or talkin' about it
no , she never talked about it
she just sewed a button on my shirt
yeah she sewed the way the caterpillars rise up from the dirt

Wire-worm--- you broke in two
headlines, going down
a garden wire

left out below
an open gate
not so long ago, in the back of a trance

Wing wood
wire tree

a ticking wire heart
a burning hexagram
a wire book of chance
in the wire fingers of her hands

wire doll
called me in her way
even when she lost the plan

a wire-dream
two little wings
she made me feel that way


the night we met outside the show
you said what's gone is gone and yet

you were thinking about what a friend had said
gray letters you write can never be read

the ink in the pen in the palm of your hand
won't mean a thing
won't turn a feather into lead
it won't tap the ground like a shoe
or dry like ink on a pillow

a thought in your head
that beats like a drum in a song on the tip of your tongue

There is a graysong inside us now
so we look for the grayleaves

I saw you collecting the grayleaves
I knew you were humming that tune
tapping your toes

like you were at the opera, or the rodeo..
I guess I'll always think of you that way

Peace Song

(It was) 60 years ago today
radio said: peace everywhere , put away your fear

not so long ago
another peace got put away
with marbles and comics from another day
the peace they promised yesterday
was more like a guest

a dreamy song
a freak on the street
who just turned away , just looked the other way
opaque and oblique

a nincompoop in an endless loop

strangled like a promise
tossed like a marble in a puddle
choking like a bubble
twisting like a top

in another time
peace was free like breathing air
nobody was fighting for breathing air
the answer there is a question here

how can ~love be peace~
when peace is a shadow
from an old dark comic
spinning off like a comet
through a dark glassy puddle ?


the first eye ends wetter
and blacker
under a closing lid

forgotton like a little buried wheel
hissing it's last bit of air

spun numbers stirred
beneath her skin brimming
sour slides and flooding

false landing promises
lonely cashier rung glasses lost off the pocket side
dialing prints on window blinds
loaded dice in lucky hands


they walk on their hands
belief in maps beneath the lip

backwards the words trace
the future

yards refold yards
old and retold

first laughter then argument

gray moons
lockpin sunddialed sandles
nomadic coneline
rain prayer

old desk coal
rest of red dime lit surprises

jugsoaked solar coiled face wash
lord roof leaked facet blue

the unseen landscaped bastard collected

shrouded basin jems for a gorilla story
remembered rare bird

winds of glove
grassed and peeked

note sail
pie coal

park chain
candle animal

running school
barn tape

slow proliferation of the obvious
low obliteration of the prophecy

rat apart

caustic collectibles
castigated lotus eater
forward seeders
race cat planets

dial store
delectable rope chew
forget book

raincat slammer

schooled out twilight brown basement cadaver
a tisket in a basket


darkness jammed the wagonís course
where west was charted
the bird of it's reins lifted
cattle rod of gold star and dust
smear of courage in a storm of mind
cut through the strange grass of her touch
a whippoorwill cry in a prairie concealed
the way one lonely night
that sunset was test for any man
beating wings
covered wagons
seconds hung like cactus
goldstars falling
a frontier moon wandering
silently, wandering

Foreign Music

talk sad master of goings
play the joke of the painted corner
grave consents forgotten constantly

lost inside the blue triangle
drum to hum the guruís brain
breath to breath

bells through a pounding near
silently disappear

round again
black coffee
round again

pause to pass the tack test of critical thumb
bounded in icy water

cotton caves
garden waves
painting corners
dreaming all day
returning what is going

Morning Song

rising sun setting sun
hills and tongues

blue and white
rock white sky
red and white
rare bird

dreams already kissing
no home

still water
skyline ship land screen
knee vision witching twiched

stale stairwells
salk link
nose glide

blue rock
copper waves
suit of color
negation of ocean

ocean of blueprint
blueprint of skeleton

skeleton of blacksalt

low fences
peasant stock
gold rock blue rock


picture of the umpire
fast ball never seen
rain soaked grass
math tracks on empty fields
cracked neck thunder oak trees
broken branch the gardenerís concession
forecasts and footstools
waist high benches
chaise lounge knee deepÖ

diary of bodies dust cloud backstands
mirror handed thumbs
lopsided slides
curved stiched blankets

push carts striped suits silver rabbits
home safe

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September Blues and Winter Song from Ghost

Something's troubling the
girl in a white dress
walking through the September

night sky falling
in the burning city
a language she can't read

the people of the world have seen a terrible thing

Dark constellation
unhinged from its black ice
a new alphabet of stars and bone

she cannot stop to rub her eyes
moon rising now through her black hair

Winter Song

There is a winter song
that gets in my head
I see a hill of winter trees
and I can hear the river bed

Your body is water
from a faraway river
you are what you are
and it's making me sad

Between the sweet and the bitter
there is a song of winter
it chills the old winemaker
and the mouse that loves the baker

Dark juice from a grape
is bound to fall
Your eyes of air
are surely going to fall

Your heart of snow
is blowing in the winter wind
and beating in my ear
like a winter song

I see the nothing that's not there
and the nothing that is
you are what you are
and its' making me sad

Yarrow Stalk Bridge lyrics

All In The Way
She goes upstairs to find a bed
but her thoughts went down like the sun
like the people down below
she felt them there
she felt them pass her on the stair
but could not make a sound
but she didnít feel dead
maybe A little unreal
like a necromancerís pill
itís hard to feel dead , when the sound of the world still rings in your head
She tried calling out to someone
someone said "itís not her spirit in the ground!"
she felt them pass her on the stair
but could not make a sound
itís all in the way in the way in the way

Dream Bank
I knew right away you werenít from here
ghost writing 40letters on icy strawberries
pressing sealing wax on alphabet sheets
the eÖ.ís smoking off your tongue
frozen breath through an envelope
like the w and t hold the a in water
you said for every minute there is a summertime
for every winter there is a counterline
thatís when I knew you werenít from here
talking time and intuition
showing me revisions
seeing what canít be shown
lighting candlesticks
like an old old comic strip
where the letters start to drip and drip
downback stairs ,over your soft hair
the o is held in you by the y and the O...U...
and the o is so heavy
it takes root in the heart like the ink on a page
Like the one needs the e to fall from the tounge
like air through an envelope
the old switch-a-roo
opening and closing like a stich
nothing at first then blue
Dream bank, put some love into your dream bank

In the morning you divided herbs and rice
with gravity and a dark syrupy tree root
I was reading the paper and it wasnít right...
it wasnít simply foresight or predestination
no, it just wasnít my dream or your precision
Turn on the lamplight
pour some water in the winter mint
turn down the porchlight
check the halflife in the filament
if that old nightmare is still at the door
Donít let emí in!
insight is just like the cup in your hand
This is the door that you opened before
your cookbooksí favorite page
hallucination is not deception
A recipee Ďs watery breath
leaf on the windowsill
vein in the vowel
So,tonight under moon rays in a cafť
your alphabet of wildleaves
is all I want to read
or multiply

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She Said
When you touched my hand
my fingers started to dream
She said...
when you poured water on my dreaming fingers
they burst into flames
in the ashes is written
Time is an ice cube
you are warming up to
and death is a hot air balloon
She said

Strange Dream
down in chinatown
on a busy street
in the leafy dry early night
thereís a little black umbrella in a weird light
a grainy bourbon colored sky
every corner that I turn passes right through me
like a recurring dream
I guess you live and learn
to turn the pages of the day just like a magazine
there's a strange dream coming to me
every corner that i turn starts to re-tune me
like a weird high
or the way you looked when I touched you
through an open door
in the twilight
there's a little black umbrella in the moonlight
there's a weird sky
a glass of bourbon dry
and itís starting to feel like weíve been there before

Her Dreams
Tap my shoulder without moving a finger
just tell me what I want to hear
14 hours on this train and Iím ready for more
so I think of old songs
the oldest saddest songs I can remember
Like some strange waltz I've forgotten
all her dreams are gone
She took back the steps that stood before me
Reality is what I dream
stacking old letters into a messy pile
your ghost is everywhere
the sleeves of my sweaters
the park across the way
Ö so I think of old songs
the oldest saddest song I can remember
but like some strange waltz I have forgotten
all her dreams are gone

Chaplin Song
when I was charlie chaplin
Iíd walk through the market
past tables of lettuce
until I spotted the phony
the one with the green mask
a wanted bandit
moving from town to town
entering homes
wrecking families
taking the kids on the road.
Iíd find the manager
tap his shoulder
and say,look there, back there

Maybe her wisecraft cracked opened the door like a stopwatch
sunday driving
time passing by
and trees of green
like the color she saw
when she rose from her chair
for a midnight walk
turning slow from her thoughts
like the hands of a clock
inside of your car.
I really love your garden
I just want to plant some seeds
I really love your garden
you've got to...got to... let me plant some rosemary

I never took astronomy
but she did
facing mathboards and blackspace
with backturned bucktoothed knuckles
stars in her head
chalk in her hand
erased, eye to ear, a , b, c Ö astronomy
canít you hear ? you were right hereÖ
clothesline crook in a school yard game
model rockets and flipping cards
She looked
because she had her own idea of counting 10
not to make herself feel bad
morelike Orpheus
only more conspicuous
bootleggers again
gone with the clothesline pin
speak easy. Speak easy
hide and seek and astronomy , can take you further than the eye can see
canít you hear the saturn tv No sense of Loop
Canít you hear ? pioneer...?
Donít forget the chalk!
an empty blackboard is lost in space
Speak easy , speak easy

blue tooth stormy old blue tooth
you eat through the tree roots
you bite through the bark
a girl of string sat next to me
she came from nowhere
just like a newspaper
like a kidnapper
whoís been kidnapped already
and really should be traveling on
unravelling like a pretty ball of yarn
donít you worry boutí the little plans
My thoughts open like doors
in the cool breeze
inside the cool breeze
there is girl of string, unraveling
blue toothÖstormy old blue tooth...
you eat through the tree roots
you bite through the bark

Tear in my Heart
It was a chilly dark day
you took my favorite guitar
and put the beads in a jar
you went through all of the drawers
but left some pictures of course
if I can get up today I think Iíll be ok
Iím going out of mind
she wonít be here when Iím down
we wonít go up on the roof
and itís gonna take a long long time
until sheís out of my mind
cause there is nothing that can mend the tear in my heart
Iíve got to to find a way to chase my blues away
I know you felt alone
I need you by my side
itís love Iíve got to hide
Iíve found the rock in the bean
Iíve got to lower the flame I didnít want it to burn
I couldnít live with that
If I was bringing you down the darker side of a clown
you put up lights in the hall
Your voice is still in my ear
You said Iím going nowhere take me away from here
but in the back of my mind I was prepared for that line

Her Raincoat
I opened the window
you started a novel
I took down the curtain
You called it her raincoat
I put on my glasses
You petted the grey cat
I looked at your writing
You said it was too wet
I went to the basement
And played the piano
It sounded like ragtime
You stood at the doorway just like a sunflower
I looked at your wet boots
I didnít have shoes on
You showed me an old book
all covered with flowers
I told you to take some for under your pillow
You told me to play something dark like a sleeping pill
you took your shoes off
I played like prokofiev
we started to laugh
You told me you loved me
I'd found the x on your secret map
I asked you to love me more
You told me her raincoat will be a little bit darker than before

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some Uncovered Lyrics
Streetcar Track

i wonder when he's coming back ?
i have no idea
the condom factory that's pittsburgh
the vending machine people
hi hats
gooold's head got shaved

seems to be
the tainí way

cabbage taxi riding
streetcar tracks

tale of woe
just under
a toe of whale

silent mania
gray chairs blue lights

Jumpiní jack lambert in the dark
getting paid to play cause that was that

cracked dinosaur legs and all night cabs
burning talking wood and a bag of grass

radio high
steel mill horses and all the old kingsmen

dry wool socked and stock taped
back yard garage

ghost pipes
rosebuds and notebooks

blue smoke
dirt fields

and falling rain
broken toy planes

humpty bumpty
sat in a shady way



Swamp Ash
Green Star

Trees and clouds seem to know what is to come
Bodies of mud

The sky is green
as a raw carrot

sharp turns under swift roots
and tempest traps

re-sketching itself
a rabbit climbing out of an inkwell

seems to know what is to come and runs

Ink still dripping

Paulaís Song

Hi Ho Paula
Iíd really love to call you

Something youíve been cooking
has made me think it over

Sweet magnolia clover
Sizzling creamy butter

That homemade aroma
When you turn that clover over

Inside your moistened skillet
That lucky frying pan

Youíve turned up the heat
Now letís start cooking

Weíll all come by around dinnertime
to watch the Georgia skyline

Smell the country cobbler pie
thatís rising in your oven

Deep fried bubbly things
Everybodyís gonnaí laugh and sing

DrippiníÖ and SiippinÖ and LickiníÖ!

Hi Ho Paula
Iíd really love to call yaí

something youíve been cooking
just felt so right

Now tell us when
and weíll be right on over

Just tell us when
and weíll be right on by

Excerpts from Walk the Bike lyrics, printed in their entirety within the booklet.

I walked in for some apples and a loaf of bread
and I felt just like a cloud going round in her head

- from Grocery Song

Lying under this tree
You imagine her under high clouds

- Imagine Her

It's written out in drops of rain
the sky of blue has turned to gray
an editor has seen the weather change

looks like we're in for some rain
colors fade in the sky of your mind for a change

- from Coffee

Words fall back into clouds
Footprints on your round leaves

- from Old Recurring Dream

Pouring water through a strainer
and watching the hours grow later and later
I've just got to catch
the movies another time

- from Tea

There's a phone down in the lobby
and a number in my head
if I'd only brought the copy
I'd be like the living dead

and never free...
of someone following me

- from Moroccan Roll

I think of his sealed home
in a vault like a classic

- from Projector

The man bent over his guitar,
A shearsman of sorts. The day was green.

They said, " You have a blue guitar,
You do not play things as they are."

The man replied, " Things as they are
Are changed upon the blue guitar."

And they said then, "But play, you must,
A tune beyond us, yet ourselves,

A tune upon the blue guitar
Of things exactly as they are."

- Stanza from The Man with the Blue Guitar by Wallace Stevens